Economic solutions for shipowners with 40 years of experience

With 40 years of knowledge, Marinelec has been following closely all new technologies in marine sector to present great solution to their customers. 

To improve the operation of the fleets, the shipowners need effective solutions to help them to reduce the energy consumption. MARINELEC has developed analytical econometers, in collaboration with the shipowners:

ECOMER is an energy management system of the different workstation of the ship. It allows the monitoring of the energy consumption per workstation. It can be installed on new or refit vessels. This system includes a 10" touch screen, a PLC in the engine room and in the wheelhouse and sensors in accordance with the specifications of the vessel. The analysis of the data collected helps to identify the consumption of the workstation that can be reduced by corrective measures. You can save up to 10% of your energy consumption.

ECOCONSO has been specially developed to manage and optimize the fuel consumption. It also allows the transmission of data via satellite.

SUGOS is specifically developed to monitor the fuel consumption of the engines (main) and data transmission via satellite

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